If you have never heard of this sport before and you are wondering what it is like, the answer is probably what you imagine: a mix between football and golf. It’s not the first time that two sports are combined, but in the case of FootGolf it’s here to stay. It was born in the Netherlands in 2009, soon began to gain followers and now is played all over the world.

How to play FootGolf?

FootGolf follows the rules of golf and uses the same terms, such as eagle, birdie, bogey and putt. The main difference is that you don’t need golf balls or heavy and expensive bags of clubs, since your main tools are your legs, your feet and a football. The holes have a diameter of 52 cm to fit standard size 5 balls, the same used in professional football. FootGolf has four categories: male, female, junior and senior and can be played individually or in teams. The winner is who completes the course in the less number of shots.

“FootGolf is a mix between football and golf, and although it follows golf’s rules, it is played with your legs and size 5 balls”

FootGolfs is a sport for all ages and abilities. It’s not just about strength and accuracy, strategy and knowing how to read the course is also very important…

FootGolf for companies and sports teams – Team Building

FootGolf is an individual sport but can also be played in teams, making it suitable for team building and corporate activities, incentives, business leagues or an activity to do with friends. Malaga MICE will adapt the format of play to your necessities: teambuilding, leagues, competitions or just a fun day out. You will always count with the advice and the supervision of experienced staff in the Costa del Sol, where we have a selection of courses which are more suitable for beginners to courses which have held European FootGolf championships.

Where to play FootGolf

In Costa del Sol we have several courses where you can play FootGolf, such as Cerrado del Águila Golf, La Dama de Noche Golf, El Higueral Golf, El Campanario Golf & Country House, Casares Costa Golf, Alhaurin Golf and Antequera Golf, where participants can also enjoy the fantastic natural surroundings and temperatures that the Costa del Sol provides.

Warning to new players: this sport is very addictive! Ask us for more information! 🙂